Sober Surroundings is committed to making the recovery and safety of our guests our number one priority.

Sober Surroundings is a sober community dedicated to providing affordable sober living. Living in one of our sober houses aids the sometimes-difficult transition of reentering the community as a newly sober person.

Here at Sober Surroundings we provide rooms in fully furnished houses for working class people who need a completely sober living environment.

With locations around the Boston area Sober Surroundings homes are ideal for anyone looking to maintain their sobriety by living in the safe, comfortable environment of a sober house.

Sober Surroundings homes are zero tolerance. This means in order to enter a home you must arrive and remain sober and commit to weekly drug screenings while living in our homes. Sober Surroundings’ zero tolerance also means if a resident has just one positive test that resident is immediately discharged from the house. This policy complies with the MA Alliance of Sober Housing standards, protects all our residents, and is part of our approach that facilitates an affordable, temptation free living environment to help our residents stay on a sober life path.

Sober Surroundings is dedicated to providing men and women who are in recovery with a safe, affordable and temptation-free environment to aid the process of living a sober and drug free life. By maintaining sober and drug free living conditions, caring and helpful staff, and easily accessible locations at a reasonable cost, we foster the strongest chance of long term recovery.


Sober Surroundings is a community of sober homes dedicated to helping our residents build a strong foundation for continued sobriety. While we take the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and apply them in practice to providing sober living, we understand the importance of other factors in providing that foundation for continued sobriety. That’s why we strive to give our residents a sense of home rather than just structured housing.

To be eligible to live in one of our Sober Surroundings homes you must pass a urine test scheduled following move-in, based on your specific situation. To continue eligibility to stay in one of our sober homes all residents must pass weekly testing and comply with our zero-tolerance policy. This is the basis for providing the safe and temptation free environment that our residents, and many leading health institutions, say is a key factor in maintaining sobriety.

Because we understand that living a clean and sober life can only happen when you’re living a life, unlike other sober homes our approach allows for overnights and working full time is permitted instantly.

At Sober Surroundings we also understand how costly sober living can be and help to mitigate those costs for our residents by providing:

  • Fully furnished homes
  • Cable TV in every room
  • Free Wifi
  • A central computer station with internet access
  • Fully furnished bedroom with storage and closet space
  • Kitchen and refrigerator space for food

And, each location is near MBTA transportation, making it easier for guests to get to work or other places they need to be to support their maintained recovery.

We also offer support with other programs like food stamp assistance, when needed and applicable.

Sober Surroundings has locations in Somerville, East Boston, Lowell, and Medford Massachusetts.


The absence of a stable, alcohol and drug free living environment is a monumental obstacle to maintained abstinence. A study by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health showed that, for even the most motivated individuals, a non-stable living environment is very likely to derail recovery.

The study followed 300 individuals entering sober living houses like Sober Surroundings over an 18 month period. Participants were interviewed within their first week of entering a sober living house and again at 6-, 12-, and 18-month follow up. The study concluded that many individuals attempting to abstain from alcohol and drugs do not have access to appropriate housing that supports sustained recovery and found positive longitudinal outcomes reaffirming the importance of social and environmental factors in recovery.

At Sober Surroundings we embrace the concept that this study confirms. Our zero tolerance sober homes mean everyone is committed to living sober and clean, so they understand the challenges that presents – providing you or your sober loved one the best chance for staying on the road to recovery.

Check out more about living a sober lifestyle and how we support sober living in our Sober Living Blog. Or Apply Online for a residency today.


Sober Surroundings homes are staffed by experienced House Managers who monitor the guests in a supportive way to ensure everyone is continuing the right road to recovery. Our house managers all have extensive experience in managing the sober home environment. They have a 1st hand understanding of the challenges our guests face on their recovery journey. They are also dedicated to providing a safe, zero tolerance environment to foster that maintained recovery. They are experts at fairly and compassionately applying both to the management of the home and residents.   


Minimum requirements for moving into the Sober Surroundings Homes:

  • You MUST be sober!
  • You must have the ability to pass an initial Urine exam
  • You must take 2-3 urine exams weekly
  • You may not have a sex offender record

Urine exams and testing kits are provided by Optimum Labs and Lab USA

Availability at all our sober home locations is usually very limited. Call us or fill out the online application form to reserve the next available spot.